Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at WearTerry because we believe in leaving a habitable planet for future generations. 

Our Material 

Terry Towelling is a piled cotton fabric that is naturally breathable and soft.

We think of it as the "Cashmere of all seasons except Winter". Super Soft and comfortable to wear.

We use 100% organic cotton which is sourced from the Madhya Pradesh region in India. India is the world's leader in cotton production and the province of Madhya Pradesh accounts for close to 40% of the total organic cotton production.  

Only 1% of global cotton production is organic. 

Why use 100% organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

Organic cotton has hypoallergenic qualities; meaning it has a low tendency to cause allergic reactions and most important of all it has a lower carbon footprint, compared to mix blends/synthetic materials(such as polyester, Lycra, or Tencel).

Pure organic cotton has just the right amount of natural stretch, we believe that using 100% organic cotton gives you the wearer the most comfort.


You’ll receive our products in a #INVISIBLEBAG Mailers. When properly disposed, they leave no negative impact on our planet. 

Please follow the following procedure to correctly dissolve and dispose the BLACK mailer and TRANSPARENT garment bags.

1. Cut off the adhesive part of the packets.

2. Put the mailer and garment bag in near boiling temperature water.

3. Use a spatula to mix liquid until the packets dissolve.

4. Pour out the liquid down a drain or toilet.

 Thank you for doing your part in saving our planet