Wear Terry

Terry Cloth is a fabric we encounter at least once a day when we dry oursleves after a bath or shower. But few have experienced Terry Towelling apparel.

WearTerry is a literally "call-to-action" to #WearYourTowel

The beginning

Our Story

The inception of WearTerry is a simple mission to bring high quality yet understated terry towelling clothing and accessories to Asia and beyond.

Pictured left: Yes, its James Bond and Picasso!


Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most used fabric in the world yet only 1% of the world's Cotton production is organic.

From the people
From the people
Didnt expect expect terry towelling to be so comfortable yet breathable even in the summer heat.
— David (Resides in Bali)
From the people
Terry is really soft. Feels like clouds.
— Anonymous

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WhatsApp: +852 9532 8020