Wear Terry

The term “terry cloth” is almost synonymous with the word “towel,” but terry is actually a specific style of weaving. First introduced in the 1840s in France, terry is made with uncut loops -- known as “pile” - that stand up off the base of the fabric.

These loops stand off the base on one or both sides of the fabric to increase surface area, enhance absorbency while maintaining a buttery soft feel.

Terry Cloth is a fabric we encounter at least once a day when we dry oursleves after a bath or shower.

WearTerry is a literally "call-to-action" to #WearYourTowel


Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most used fabric in the world yet only 1% of the world's Cotton production is organic.

The beginning

Our Story

The inception of WearTerry is a simple mission to bring high quality yet understated terry towelling clothing and products to Asia and beyond.

From the people
From the people
Didnt expect expect terry towelling to be so comfortable yet breathable even in the summer heat.
— David (Resides in Bali)
From the people
Terry is really soft. Feels like clouds.
— Anonymous

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