We created WearTerry to build a movement for the world to experience and enjoy high-quality terry towelling clothing/accessories. Terry towelling is not new, but under-utilized for apparel and only found in high-end luxury resort wear brands We want to change the narrative!

As a fabric with a long history, inherent visual interest and soft to the touch. We hope to share our passion and obsession with terry towelling by creating the best looking, most comfortable and earth-friendly products for you to wear while living life to the fullest.

Furthermore, we're brining this terry toweling movement to Asia!

 Our Values

  • Sustainability: from our choice of raw fiber through to the final product 
  • Accessible pricing
  • Design- thoughtful and understated
  • Quality - that you can touch
  • Feel good, enjoy life.

WearTerry is perfect for:

  • Post-Sweat (Gym, Golf, Yoga, Surf)
  • Freezing Air-conditioned Offices/ Casual Friday & Dressed down workplaces
  • Travelling (On Planes)
  • Beach/Pool