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The name “terry” comes from the French word “tirer” which means refers to the pile loops which were " pulled out". 


The terry weaving technique first appeared in France in 1841, so this weaving technique is commonly known as "French Terry"

In 1848, Samuel Holt became the first known person to weave terry in cotton to make towels.The protruding loops of thread can absorb large amounts of water and is naturally soft to the touch. Ever since then, it has been widely used for bathrobes and towels.

The Terry Boom of the 1950s 

The first sighting of towelling shirts, shorts, and jackets dates back to the 1950 in the French Rivera of French Polynesia, mostly worn by women over their bathing suits which helped them dry off after coming out of the sea.  

The look became an outfit that symbolized the jet-setting lifestyle of the rich

James Bond

Sean Connery wearing a Terry Towel bodysuit in the film Goldfinger (1964)

Loved by Celebrities throughout the ages

Tom Cruise spotted in London wearing a Terry Polo

Sean Connery as James Bond in the film Goldfinger (1964). In one of the scenes, he wore a baby-blue terry playsuit, typically worn by women but Sean makes it look effortlessly cool. This outfit remains to be one of the most controversial topics of the 007 series to this day.

Artist Pablo Picasso was photographed by Arnold Newman in 1956 wearing a red terry toweling polo in his Cannes Studio.   

French Actor and Filmmaker, Alain Delon. Alain plays Tom Ripley in the film Purple Noon (1960). In the scene, Alain Delon lounges on the beach wearing a Navy Toweling Blazer.

In recent years, Terry Towelling Polos are often seen on Tom Cruise, Roger Federer and other celebrities. 

What's Next

As we look ahead, we are building yet another terry towelling movement for the next decade and beyond. 

Today, as the physical boundaries between work and home diminish and professionalism no longer means wearing a suit and tie. Smart Casual is the new standard. 

The rise of “athleisure” is also a testimony to these blurred lines. We believe WearTerry fits between work and life and we hope you'll feel good in our towelling products while doing the things you love, with the people you love.


Spreading the Joy of Wearing Towels

Pitctured: Our Terry Towelling Polo